A borrower who applies for a personal loan online must provide supporting documentation to enable the lender to check if the situation of the borrower is in accordance with the information entered. The law requires the lender to verify that the person applying for a personal loan is solvent. These checks protect the borrower against any risk of over-indebtedness.
They also protect the lending institution against the non-repayment of the borrower. When applying for a personal loan online, the lending institution also checks the national file of the Banque de France.
This file makes it possible to know if the borrower has experienced payment incidents during previous credits.
The borrower must provide a photocopy front and back of the identity card or passport.
This is to ensure that he is the person he claims to be, this to avoid possible impersonation.
A copy of a fixed phone bill recent (less than 6 months), a receipt of electricity or gas.
The borrower must compile his last 3 bank statements.
This credential allows the lender to verify that the borrower lives in the address he provided when applying loan online.
In case of accommodation by a third party, a declaration on the honor of the person hosting the borrower and a proof of address will be requested.